20th Century Slavery in Mississippi and Louisiana

If you thought the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in 1863 or after the ratification of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in 1865, you were wrong. Slavery in some parts of the rural south continued; even up to the mid 1960’s.

Many African American were held in peonage throughout the deep south. Under peonage they could not leave the plantations or farms. Their lives were threatened, some were murder for trying to leave. Yes, some may not believe that this could be possible in the 20th century. Throughout the state of Mississippi, in many deep rural area there was no way out for thousand who were trapped in this new slavery called peonage.

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The Shadow of Slavery: Peonage in the South, 1901-1969

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Neo-slavery in the American South – New America Media

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Ms. Miller, whose life as a modern slave in Mississippi and Louisiana has been documented, escaped captivity in 1961. The problem exists today, she declares. Ms. Miller, who says she was raped by a slave master beginning

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Worse than Slavery: Parchman Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice

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The brutal conditions and inhuman treatment of African-Americans in Southern prisons has been immortalized in blues songs and in such movies as Cool Hand Luke. Now, drawing on police and prison records and oral histories, David M. Oshinsky presents a …

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The Five Negro Presidents: According to what White People Said They Were

Did You Know that the U.S. has had Five Black Presidents? – Black

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Author J.A. Rogers published a book in 1965 titled The 5 Negro Presidents: According to What White People Said They Were. This was a pamphlet sized book with the image of 29th President Warren G. Harding and hisĀ 

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FIVE BLACK PRESIDENTS Joel A. Rogers and Dr. Auset Bakhufu have both written books documenting that at least five former presidents of the United States had …

The Five Negro Presidents: According to what White People Said They Were by Rogers, J. A. published by Helga Rogers Paperback

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Joel Augustus Rogers

Joel Augustus Rogers (September 6, 1880 March 26, 1966) was a Jamaican-American … and the pamphlet Five Negro presidents, all of which deal …

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