Black Rebellion – Five Slave Revolts

Black Rebellion – Five Slave Revolts
by Thomas Wentworth Higgison


Black Rebellion, a fascinating account of five slave insurrections, among them the story of the Maroons, escaped slaves in the West Indies and South America who successfully resisted larger British armies while living an independent existence for generations in the mountains and jungles of Jamaica and Surinam; of Gabriel Prosser, who recruited about 1,000 fellow slaves in 1800 to launch a rebellion throughout Virginia; of Denmark Vesey, an ex-slave, seaman, and artisan, fluent in several languages, who conspired in 1822 to kill the white citizens of Charleston, South Carolina, and take over the city; and of the revolutionary mystic Nat Turner, who in 1831 organized and led the most successful and dramatic slave revolt in North America. The author also describes how whites responded with panic, sweeping arrests, mass executions, and more repressive laws in a futile effort to crush the slaves’ insatiable desire to be free.

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If 400,000 Negroes can only get to know themselves, to know that in them is a sovereign power, is an authority that it absolute, then in the next 24 hours we would have a new race, we would have a nation, an empire, resurrected, not from the will to see us rise – but from our own determination to rise irrespective of what the world thinks. – Marcus Garvey